What We Do

Doctorsact is a community project providing help to communities through a local doctor. It involves  students (medical and non-medical) and professionals (doctors, pharmacists, lab technicians etc.) with a will to help the underprivileged. We organize medical missions in rural areas with the aim of support the work of a local doctor or a health care facility and establish a self sustaining community project.  Our motto is See a need, meet the need.

How We Work

Our work follows this basic outline:

  1. We Send Volunteers to At-Risk Areas
  2. Organize Programs (including Mobile Clinics, Health Education, Community Dialogues)
  3. Analyze Needs/Reports
  4. Establish Better Community Projects


The volunteers that work with us are  our hands down heroes. They sacrifice their time, energy, skills and so much more. They serve vulnerable individuals, at-risk families and the community in a whole.  Every year, all year long, young women and men volunteer their skills by help us with various activities. Without their assistance, our work would not be possible.

Our Work in Rural Communities

It is our firm belief that with a little more care, communities can be transformed. The focal point of our activities is geared towards helping people living in difficult conditions in rural communities. Hard to reach areas located in the world’s most poverty-stricken countries are often overlooked. Our sole aim is to build safe communities that protect the most vulnerable amongst us.

Primary Health care

With primary health care(Mobile clinic) we reach out to communities  through medical volunteers and local medical workers. Their ability to provide high quality health care helps us accomplish our goals to give those less fortunate the assistance they so desperately need.  This also helps us to establish a relationship and also have a right understanding of their challenges .

Self-Sustaining Communities 

Our long-term goal is to start long-lasting self-sustaining community projects for people living in low-income areas. In our plan of making community self-sustaining we plan to establish agriculture, health care, and educations projects. These communities will have the opportunity to get what they need through delicated Funds. These funds will  be used to build a school, library or health care center. Individuals can also sponsor a child to give them a chance to experience a better life. .


Donate or(and) Volunteer  and Together we can build safe communities in as to protect the most vulnerable.

Welcome let your time count :)
Partner with us, Volunteer or Donate finacially to community projects