About US

DoctorsAct is a nonprofit organization that provides health care and assistance to the less fortunate in countries such as Nigeria, South Sudan, Uganda Ghana, and Zimbabwe. Passionate about helping those in need of medical care and education, DoctorsAct reaches across barriers to coordinate effective assistance.
Our History
DoctorsAct was initially founded in Moscow, Russia by a compassionate group of young doctors and medical students. In the beginning, we worked exclusively with students and organized extensive medical talks on ethical issues including abortion, euthanasia, double effect and many others. We were excited to connect with individuals who were just as passionate about the vulnerability of those in foreign countries, and this compounded and energized our organization even further.
We quickly realized the potential to help in a more direct way. Armed with this knowledge, we began to collaborate with numerous international medical organizations to educate the volunteers who wanted to assist us with our mission. Today we live by this sentiment, “See a Need, Meet the Need” and are more focused than ever to provide medical care and additional assistance wherever necessary.

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