About US

DoctorsAct is a movement that started among medical student in various Russian universities and . DoctorsActs volunteers visit a local community by partnering with a local NGO or doctor, volunteers offer free medical diagnosis and treatment, volunteers engage in community dialogues with community members and leaders and then offer a self sustaining community project. We have visited rural ccommunities in South sudan, Uganda Nigeria Ghana, Zambia and South Sudan. The movement is establshed in various communites as a NGO or a community based organization.,
Our History
DoctorsAct founded in Moscow by Ojoola Yusuf while in medical school.  In the beginning, we worked  with students and organized extensive medical talks on ethical issues including abortion, euthanasia, double effect and many others. During one of one of the medical talks, Volunteers where asked to make a short presentation about the state of medical care in there Countries- During one of the presentations He noticed the medical needs of countries. This inspired us to start a short term medical mission.

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